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How much money am I going to generate with LaProp?

This question is quite common and can be complicated to answer, but let's try to address it as best as possible. Here are some things you should consider:

Firstly, each real estate product yields differently. There's no general rule on how much you'll earn in total, as it all depends on the property you invest in.

Secondly, at LaProp, we follow the philosophy of "What you see is what you get." We aim to be as transparent as possible so that there are no unpleasant surprises and to be realistic about projected returns.

Unfortunately, in the market, we see some platforms promising very high returns without really explaining practical details (such as possible tax withholdings). We strive to consider all possible variables, such as taxes and withholdings, to give you a realistic estimate. We always try to be conservative in our projections, considering unfavorable scenarios.

However, despite our efforts to be transparent, sometimes we may make mistakes. This means that unforeseen events may arise that affect performance, either positively or negatively. We are always vigilant for any changes that may affect our users and do our best to minimize risks.

How can I then estimate what I will obtain?

Each product has a different way of estimating its profitability. Therefore, we invite you to review the details of each product type here.